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Registration date: 26th Apr 2017
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Location: Osaka
About Me
I produce a number of web and print comics (very slowly), most of which are hosted on my own website. But I'll bung something on here, too. My "best known" comic is probably Felney, and most of my comics and stories are grouped together in the Felneyverse.

felneymike's Webcomics
A comic about a bloke who lives in the Cambridgeshire fens, and collects a bunch of rusting classic cars... plus his friends.
Last update: 28th Oct 2018
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Jane Thristwaite from Felney is now in her twenties, and is on a working holiday in Japan!
Last update: One week ago
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The Gun
A re-make of my first-ever adventure comic (when 2020 was considerably further away!). It's about a soldier in the non-nuclear World War 3, who finds a fancy all-purpose assault rifle and keeps on using it.
This also appears in my print comic The Red, White & Blue (coming to POD site hopefully sooner rather than later!). The online version will always remain two episodes behind the print version. Each episode is 5-6 pages long and they'll be uploaded in blocks.

Last update: 1st Aug 2012
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Fiasco Year 1
A comic I started in 2012 as a "speed drawing excercise". I made about 11 pages in 2 years, then abandoned it (and some of those 11 weren't even finished). In 2017 I decided to start it again, did 2 pages (the first two of this version), then abandoned it again.
Now I'm starting it again! But recycling the old pages because I'm lazy.
Anyway, it's basically a bunch of the most infamous weaboo horror stories stitched together into one narrative. It's spread over 3 years of a typical (UK) university career. I intended to make it into a book one day, but will put Year 1 online to drum up interest (the years won't be of equal comic length, Year 1 might actually be a full half of the comic)

Last update: 17th Feb 2019
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Son of Saxon
The son of Norman Saxon, my Edwardian detective character, returns to London after a long absence, and takes up the "family firm".
Last update: 30th Dec 2018
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