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Registration date: 10th Sep 2009
Last seen: 3rd Nov 2018, 3:56 AM
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Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
About me
A loveable scamp on a quest for knowledge.

fingerwitch's comics
A witch and a vampire trying to make sense of this topsy turvy world.
Last update: 1st Sep 2018
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La Fin du Monde
BX-G49 is the last human outpost in the colonized Universe. There is only one city on the whole planet, affectionately dubbed Purgatory and home to some of the Universe's least savoury characters.

La Fin du Monde is the only bar in Purgatory that doesn't discriminate based on species, nationality or walk of life. Pirates, pioneers, sailors, ships, yacks, flushers, criminals and crazies all go there to get scrootched and beat the piss out of each other.

Welcome to the End of the World.

[Updates Sundays]

Last update: 30th Jun 2013
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Out Fer a Smoke
The long and rambling story of Joss, a snarky young woman, her confused and abused buddy Lee and their perky housemate, Carrie. Contains drug use, sex, mild violence, profanity and, occasionally, boobies. Indefinitely on hiatus.
Last update: 18th Jun 2016
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