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Registration date: 25th Nov 2013
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About me
im john been drawing off & on for over 30 years (15 year break for music, yeah play guitar too)my influences range from american comic greats to manga awsomeness. im primarally a penciler & will try to have my comic updated often. i currently use variouis .5 & .7 leds as well as wooden pencils & sakura brushtips in diffent sizes from .005-3 & a wacom bamboo create.

ftrwar's comics
Deadman Johnny
This is the story of Johnny & he's not your typical zombie. He just wants to TRY to live a normal...afterlife. Along the way he meets up with a few strange characters & has a few misshaps along the way, but is almost always companioned with his handler who throws many an insults & digs his way to get him to become a true zombie.
Last update: 23rd Jun 2016
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superhuman curse
a story is pretty emo & involves flashbacks & regrets, as humanity turns its back on it's greatest champion alive. a disabled man with tons of issues from asthma to epilepsy takes a vitamin his then girlfriend creates to help his joints & tendons & unintitionally gives him superpowers. as he rose up as a superhero & helps erradicate wars & violence on the planet the people think he's gotten to uppity they turn against him. now over 700 years later, he reflects on lost loved ones, villans that sympothised with him & in his mind he knows he unified the planet, even if it was only to take him out.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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