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Registration date: 30th Dec 2015
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About me
Hey I'm Charles but you can call me Charlie!! I'm an English major in college and when I'm not trying not to die I'm writing cool things, including a comic with my cool friend Kludge!

furrankenstein's comics
Aleks the 18 year old gerenuk has a problem. Well, a whole boatload of problems, really. But the biggest is that he isn't sure if he's dead or alive. After jumping off a bridge to his death just 10 minutes after his parents disowned him for being gay, he woke up in a city he's never heard of with a woman he's never met. Has fate smiled upon Aleks and miraculously granted him this (unwanted) second chance? Or is this new setting much more sinister than it appears to be?
Last update: 26th Aug 2017
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