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'ello there! I'm a doodler that loves Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and just fun wholesome stories in general, so I hang around here reading other people's comics and...comicking stories up myself? Something like that :P

Also, feel free to criticize any art I make - I make comics because I want to get better, and I live for tips! You won't hurt my feelings lol xD

(also youtube lol)

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PMD: Burning Resolution PMD: Burning Resolution
Updates: Currently experimenting with each day of the week - will have definitive update schedule soon!

A self-professed Ponyta named Kell enrolls for a rescue team summer camp, trying to do something exciting with his life.

A delirious Pansear named Lydia wakes up underground in a block of ice, with no idea what happened to her.

Before long, the two Pokémon get stuck together and are dragged into misadventures spanning the post-apocalyptic Unova region. They might even have to save the day from some crazy legendaries, but let's not get ahead of ourselves...

Last update: 17th Oct 2022
Garpa Nova Doodle Dump Garpa Nova Doodle Dump
Just a place for me to share some of my sketches, concept art, practice stuff, doodles, scrapped ideas, music, and other random things that pop into me brain haha

Won't update super often, but expect randomness when it does ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Last update: 30th Mar 2022