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gary cramer
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Registration date: 12th Oct 2011
Last seen: 17th Feb 2019, 4:17 PM
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Location: maryland
gary cramer's Webcomics
The High Born
Watch a young man take revenge on the invaders of his village. He becomes The High Born and searches the universe until he finds justice.
Last update: 21st May 2012
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Cramer's (S)Crap
Don't expect too much here. I decided to post some lost art from my past, mostly of it unpublished. As always, no excuses for the work but it is from a while back. There are some techniques that you can see I still use today. I'm always experimenting with textures and ways to get an original look to my art.
Last update: 4th Jul 2015
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ParaFrenic is an 18 year old half-man/half monster who holds down a daytime job as a video comic actor and spends the rest of his days trying to survive the tough avenues of Vagrant Street.
Last update: 15th Mar 2016
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