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Team Gecko
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Registration date: 10th Jul 2012
Last seen: 1st Jun 2017, 8:35 PM
Posts: 278
Comments left: 48
Ratings given: 4.95 / 37
Profile views: 868
Location: England
About Me
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Basic Appearance: Dark blonde, dark blue eyes, medium height, just bellow average weight.
Likes: Anime, Gaming, Art.

I won't beg you to subscribe to Forever/Divided, but a rating or two wouldn't hurt.

geckohero17's Webcomics
I'm currently working on the story-line (Which is going great) and I'm working more on my drawing skills (Which is not going as great)
Also, this comic is going to receive a new name very soon. Stay tuned! :D

Last update: 16th Aug 2013
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