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gene hole
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gene hole's comics
I'm a guy with many interests- I act, I draw, I animate, I write, I film, I eat, I sleep. Lather, rinse and repeat.
I'm also a guy with lots of ideas and not so much time to make them all happen. thus, the name "When's day comics"-- as in, "when's the next comic day gonna be?"
well, it'll be a Wednesday, whenever I get a chance to get a new page done. It'd be easy to do one strip a week, but this is 4 or 5 on every page, and I still have to work the day job for now. I'm also working on getting a job animating.
while that miracle is waiting to happen, I'm working on an animated short cartoon of my own. perhaps from time to time I'll insert a tease for it in the middle of the whensday comics continuity, just to whet folks' appetites. and as i get some scenes done (it's only a 3-minute short, with about 34 shots in it) I may share video links to completed bits. When it's all complete you can be sure that I'll be sharing the whole thing here! so stay tuned!

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