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The Pet Shop
“The Pet Shop” is a comic strip created from my own heart over the course of many years. My family owned Robin Pet Shop in Hackensack, NJ for nearly 40 years, and in those four decades, we have seen multiple generations of customers, thousands of different types of animals and trends come and go. I grew up in that store, playing with all the animals since I was a toddler, imagining what some of them were thinking and watching them closely as they had what looked like their own little adventures right in the store. I remember some customers looking at me funny, being such a small child with a large boa constrictor around my shoulders.

“The Pet Shop” pays homage to my family’s business and depicts a typical day in a not so typical pet shop. It may give us all a little clue to what the animals may be thinking when getting into some of their wacky situations, while the employees also deal with customers who may be just as eccentric. In keeping with all the helpful service we gave customers through the years, I decided to include in my comic strip, a “did you know?” information guide in the last comic panel. This section may give readers a better understanding of topic(s) discussed in each comic strip.

I feel a lot of people can look at this strip and not only laugh at the antics ensuing in this pet shop, but also relate to some of them too.

Last update: 16th May 2018
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