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I've been drawing cartoons all my life. I finally started posting comics online with a webcomic in 2007, called Antcomics. Shortly after came another series in 08 called The Compozerz. I will likely be posting more stuff in the future, including a comic I started back in 1998 and am still working on as I get time to. I dig slapstick humor, and just downright silliness. I like light-hearted, fun stories and a little adventure thrown in doesn't hurt either.

hankinstein's Webcomics
The Holiday Doctor The Holiday Doctor
A prim, proper British Doctor's adventures with his "sidekick", a fun-loving, carefree gal named Irene. The Doc and Irene travel to the U.S. and meet a lot of interesting characters along the way.
Last update: 5th Feb 2016
The Compozerz The Compozerz
The Compozerz is the story of five classical composers from the 17-1800s, who find themselves whisked suddenly into the 21st century. The Guys have no idea why or how this happened, and to top things off, they find themselves stranded in the middle of the North American Desert.

Frightened and confused, The Boys must figure out where they are and find out some answers. They end up stumbling upon a truck stop/diner and meet the free-spirited "hippie" chick, Connie Sanderson, who ends up 'adopting' the Guys.

So here unfolds the tale of Time Traveling Musicians Johannes "Joe" Brahms, Felix Mendelssohn, Frederic "Freddie" Chopin, Wolfgang "Wolfie" Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven and of course, Miss Sanderson (who must have some pretty incredible patience). Connie is not-so-loosely based on the author of the comic, by the way.

Last update: 8th May 2015
Antcomics! Antcomics!
Antcomics is a comic about everyone's favorite pirate themed 80s band! Adam is the fearless leader of the Ants, who manage to get themselves into all kinds of predicaments. His Four Men are Terry Lee, a hyperactive, crazy drummer who eats way too much candy; Merrick, the more subdued second percussionist, who is more dry and sarcastic; Gary, the anal retentive bassist who does all the cooking and cleaning, and Marco, Adam's best friend and cohort who plays a mean lead guitar and loves his food.
Last update: 3rd Nov 2015
Slippy & Alice Slippy & Alice
Slippy and Alice are corn snakes, who happen to be sisters. Alice is the sensible, rather serious one, and Slippy is..well, a ding-dong. It is widely believed she was dropped whilst still in the egg.

This is their story.

Last update: 8th Aug 2019