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Risk & Reward Risk & Reward
An archivist stumbles across a hidden room in their family's storage and discovers some old record files of mysterious people that participated in a strange game. The archivist now curious, decides to spend their free time snooping around these files, reading something that was hidden for a reason.

This webcomic is only gonna show the backstories of the participants

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
Camp ComicFury Camp ComicFury
A [soon to be] competitive based interactive webcomic inspired by TDI, Survivor, and Object Camps such as TROC, BIAS, CTC, and CDM where 12-16 competitors will compete in challenges based on prompts to win immunity, where the losers must vote one another off until one remains the victor! Featuring your host CF Logo Guy! Signups will happen soon!
Last update: 3rd Jun 2022
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