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What is The Squirrel Machine?

• An immutably strange and haunting narrative that transcends known logics and presumptive dream-barriers
• A distillation of subconscious beauty and inspired madness
• A dangerous object for the incautious
• A revelation for the undernourished crypto-seeker
• The virgin caress of unconsummated apocalypse
• The unspeakable thing that you always knew

It’s also the longest and most ambitious graphic novel by legendary obscurantist cartoonist Hans Rickheit, 200 pages of exquisitely rendered pictorial narrative. Meticulous, strange, and hauntingly beautiful, this enigmatic work will ensure the inquisitive reader a spleenful of cerebral serenity that will take exposure to vast quantities of mediocrity to dispel.

Set in a fictional 19th Century New England town, the narrative initially details the relationship and maturation of Edmund and William Torpor. But the two brothers quickly elicit the scorn and recrimination of an unamused public when they reveal their musical creations built from strange technologies and scavenged animal carcasses. Driven to seek a concealment for their aberrant activities, they make a startling discovery. Perhaps they will divine the mystery of the squirrel machine...

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Violent Content Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
the 'ham the 'ham
Last update: 10th May 2022
Occasional Frontal Nudity Occasional Strong Language
Surreal comics by the creator of the critically acclaimed SQUIRREL MACHINE and FOLLY. Cochlea & Eustachia defy analysis, as they act on whims beyond the author's scope of rationale. The reader is assured that the narratives herein contained are uncontaminated by plot, character development or sensible dialogue. Relax and look at the pretty pictures.
Last update: 3rd May 2022
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
A collaboration by the creator THE SQUIRREL MACHINE, Hans Rickheit and his wife, Krissy Dorn. DELIA is a struggling young squirrel with scientific ambitions who makes a confounding discovery. Will it revolutionize the world, or will it bring about chaos and destruction?
Last update: 27th Oct 2019
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
The Xeric-Winning debut graphic novel by Hans Rickheit, creator of the critically renowned The Squirrel Machine. Chloe is an estranged teenager living in a stifling rural New England town. After meeting an eccentric dwarfish hermit, she begins a descent into impossible visionary landscapes, sexual deviancy, and the forbidden realms of The Under-Brain. Contained in this early effort are the first explorations of the obsessive themes that continue to overflow in Rickheit's comics output: strange biological couplings, subconscious explorations and unspeakable erotic experiments.
Last update: 17th Nov 2015
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language