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Just a guy from Romania that reads WebComics, and now also owns, and participates, in some Pokemon RPs found in the forum section of ComicFury.

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This comic is based on the Mark's Guild Pokemon Role-play, holding many of the concepts and lore we're developing in the thread. Plus possibly a comic adaptation. Join the role play here-> https://comicfury.com/forum/viewthread.php?id=44369&page=1
Last update: 15th Aug 2022
Violent Content Sexual Situations
PMD: The Stones Of Life PMD: The Stones Of Life
Long ago, there was a war between Xerneas and Yveltal. Xerneas came out victorious, with the assistance of their Stones Of Life. Centuries later, fate is spinning into motion as the scattered Stones are searched out by the sinister Order of Yveltal and the Explorers and Rescuers of Mark's Guild, and a certain fearsome quintet aiming to rid the world of the accursed Stones. And beneath it all, century-old secrets waiting to be revealed...

A comic based on the Mark's Guild RP. https://comicfury.com/forum/viewthread.php?id=44369&page=182#p1102273

Last update: 31st Jul 2022
Violent Content Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
Arceus' Council's Tax-funded Dump Arceus' Council's Tax-funded Dump
An art dump for the Arceus' Council RP.
Last update: 4th Aug 2022
i95las`s dump for random stuff i95las`s dump for random stuff
A place for i95las to dump whatever images wishes to get links for, in order to then post them in PMs or forum posts.
Last update: 21st May 2022
The Eye of the Storm The Eye of the Storm
Just an art dump for a rp, which can be found here:

Last update: Today
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language