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Ex Dynamis Chaos Ex Dynamis Chaos
Ex Dynamis Chaos is a fictional parallel to the real world created by Malcolm R. Terzich, following the entropic misadventures of a varying cast of super-powered individuals in the ongoing tales of action, adventure, heroics, comedy, and satire.

This story follows a rambunctious adventurer, The Metal, and his friends as they solve odd problems no one else will handle, often due to their supernatural nature. Though the events within the tales may seem bizarre to the lay-person, to The Metal and crew it has become commonplace and doesn't really phase them anymore.

Last update: 29th Oct 2021
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
Realms and Relics Realms and Relics
Arix, Lytri, and Kvirja are on the hunt for the grandest treasure cache in the history of the universe, but to find it they have to acquire several unique artifacts scattered across the many plains of existence while trying to not be killed by aliens, demons, gods, and everything in between.
Last update: 6th Dec 2021
Occasional Strong Language
The Pop-Rocks feat. Mitch & Sandy The Pop-Rocks feat. Mitch & Sandy
These sisters' garage band blows up overnight and they take the industry by storm, but the storm crashes back in on them as the industry sends their top talent to take them out. Can these girls remain indie stars without succumbing to the forces of the mainstream?
Last update: 4th Jun 2022
Violent Content