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Registration date: 14th Sep 2011
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About me
Hmm, let's see...I'm a high schooler that goes to an international school in Shanghai. I love cats. I love to write and draw, and also has a great interest in fantasy genre in general.
My hair is waaaaay too long in that picture, but it looks cool that way!

infinitydevin's comics
A young peasant boy by the name of Keith is selected by an experienced old wizard Rolnoth, in the annual apprenticeship ceremony in the city of Dalarone. Keith then trains as an apprentice magician. During his training, exciting events and problems occur, forcing the boy and his master to embark on a dangerous quest, retrieving ancient artifacts from fabled realms.

One new comic every Monday or Tuesday unless otherwise noted in the author blog ^^

---AVATAR BY LEWIS T--- thank you!!!!

Last update: 14th Nov 2011
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The Sorceress
It's basically a finished webcomic that I wrote million years ago when I got bored over the summer. Now, I'm sharing it with you! Anyway, if you read THE ALCHEMYST by Michael Scott, then you can understand that the ppl in this and that story use their auraic energies as magical weapons. In this comic however, it's basically about ppl who know how to use their auraic energies as powers and KEEL ODDER PPL WIT IT!!!
Last update: 15th Sep 2011
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Legend of ROTA
An animal war movement: ROTA a.k.a. Revenge of the animals has been initiated. It is the year 2513. Animals have evolved, developing ability to reason, magic craft, and war. Humans have evolved, developing technology such as war machinery, space nukes, and losing their humanity as well. However... the animals are outraged. For this comic speaks of the age-old war between humanity and the treatment of animals, magic and technology, pollution and respect to nature.

The Legend of ROTA unfolds a story in the year of 2513, where animals and humans have fallen into war on the planet of Earth...

--Updates Saturday or Sunday (Not yet confirmed)--

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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