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Mmmm, I love this trash
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This is a collection of things drawn by people.
Last update: One week ago
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This is a Homestuckesque webcomic about fans of Homestuck playing Homestuck 2. When you get into it though, it's hardly like Homestuck. I would give more info, but I dislike spoilers. Oh yeah also it has flashy animations. I don't mean flash animations, which it also has, but like crazy lights and such. Rapid flashy crazy lights.

Also just a warning the current updates up until page like 2400 were drawn in 2015 so hopefully after that you'll be able to see a decent style change or whatever

Last update: 31st Aug 2017
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Kyoloring Book
The loyal Comic Furians have gathered to present Kyo with a gift like none he's ever seen: The Kyoloring Book! An abundance of amazing art! Intriguing images! Pulchritudinous pages!

Happy birthday, Kyo!!!

(If you wish to add a page, PM flutesalute!)

Last update: 2nd Apr 2016
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Last update: 12th Jul 2015
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The Furious City
Fury City.
A dark, dangerous place, home to many furians, either too poor to move out, or can't find anywhere else that fits them.
Some will kill, some will fight, and some will try to make things right.
Waiting 'til they get the big sleep.

It's basically Comic Fury as a noir. That's it really.
Oh, and it's a sprite comic. Look forward to that.

Last update: 1st Jun 2015
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Bingity-Bongity All Ages Welcome
UndeadMastermind was an ordinary highschool teenager at Undead High, when his home campus was suddenly attacked by beavers. having nowhere to learn, UndeadMastermind set out to apply to a new school: Bingity-Bongity All Ages Welcome, an alternative school for the mentally concerned.
Everything was going fine and dandy, until the school principal decided to make UndeadMastermind a teacher at the new school! Like OMG right? What a twist!
Now, as Official Flag Capturing Strategist of Bingity-Bongity All Ages Welcome alternative school for the mentally concerned, UndeadMastermind must do what ever it takes to be the best there is

Last update: 4th Apr 2015
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