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Waterfowl in disguise.

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Superstar Sparky
Sparky the clown lives in the middle of nowhere. That all changes when he hears about Sugar Kingdom and the coronation being held there. This could be the opportunity to go on an adventure and turn life around!

But it's not as happy as it seems. The princess, Snowcone has grown bitter about this whole coronation thing and having her mom suddenly vanish. Maybe Sparky can use his talents to cheer her up.

Updates on Tuesdays and Saturdays. (And maybe Thursdays).

Last update: 2 days ago
Into the Shadows
Things go wrong during the night.

24 hour comic.

Last update: Yesterday
Violent Content
Grand Island
Every ten years, the Grand Island Tournament is hosted. The winner can wish for any wish but only one. Raku, a young boy wants to enter to earn money for his father. He and his friends go on adventures and battle many enemies.
Last update: 19th Feb 2019
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
The Pricey Bahamas
Two loners are desperate for love. When their paths cross, things change... for the worse. A tale with tears, bloody battles, and tearful bloody battles.
Last update: 21st Jul 2019
Violent Content
Raku vs. Chuku Special
Pastella has created an evil clone of Raku which is superior to him in every way to take over the world. Raku and his superpowered friends team up to stop them.
Last update: 6th Sep 2019
Violent Content