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Registration date: 31st Jul 2013
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Jesse Cihouski

SKETCH CARDS (any type) AVAILABLE ON REQUEST $10 full color you pay shipping, when request clears I will contact you through paypal for $.

jcihouski's comics
Alya The Last Child of Light
"Alya The Last Child of Light," is the story of a young woman born of a star and her fight to save all life from an ancient race who seeks to destroy it.
Last update: 21st Jun 2014
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Ignorance of Flame
A short story written by Raymond Binger and art by yours truly. Full color submission we wont say for who but as of yet not picked up. Lets show them they were wrong.
Last update: 19th Sep 2013
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Beast of the Harvik Quarry
This short is one of a series of short stories, set in a fantasy world of knights, witches, and monsters. The story is intended for the lighter side of fantasy and in no way supposed to be taken to seriously. Each Series piece will be a full story with a beginning middle and an end, the stories will be cyclical and leave the reader open to interpretation on what should follow; and in that way they will all be a part of a cohesive whole. Enjoy and please comment to let us know what you think.
Last update: 16th May 2014
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