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Hi, my name is Jellyfishin! I'm a hobbyist artisan crafter who's creativity runs on caffeine-fueled creative insomnia. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer. :)

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MusiCodaS MusiCodaS
A MelodyKnights/Nib-Mettaton crossover comic

(MelodyKnights by Jaycee Storm)

Nib is a robot with magic music transcription powers - music he writes comes alive, at least temporarily. These powers don't mean much in his home universe; but when he finds himself in the musical realm of Octave, those powers suddenly hold a lot more noteworthiness and catch the eye of Astaroth, who wants to make use of those powers for himself.

It's now up to the √úlrich Rayn and the MelodyKnights to make sure Nib doesn't fall into Astaroth's hands while figuring out a way to help Nib get back home.

***This comic is currently in concept mode, so right now only concept art and WIP pages are being posted. You are welcome to follow if you are interested in seeing my progress until the comic's official launch.

Last update: 4 days ago
Violent Content Frequent Strong Language
The Scribblings of Nib Mettaton The Scribblings of Nib Mettaton
An UnderTale fancomic containing various short stories of Nib-Mettaton's adventures throughout cyberspace. Updates randomly, with uploads per chapter/bulk/story.

In a weird bout of caffeine-induced creative insomnia, a random Mettaton is reawakened as "Nib", and becomes an odd-ball outcode with no real purpose. Follow Nib-Mettaton's random (and often chaotic!) adventures as he travels through cyberspace to explore different timelines and alternate universes, all in the effort to enjoy musical creativity of the UnderTale fandom and, ultimately, discover and define the new version of himself.

Warning: Some stories will contain violent/dark content. Recommended for readers 13 yrs & older.

Last update: 22nd Feb 2022
Violent Content