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Monster Days Monster Days
A comic about a girl who accidentally intersects the lives of a group of people who run a magic tricks shop in a small town with her own.
The others have double lives though. At night, the shop is an actual MAGIC shop, and the customers and employees become... monsters.
Updates (most) Saturdays // Minor language // Bonus content on Patreon

Last update: 29th Sep 2018
History Incarnate History Incarnate
A group of college students discover that they're reincarnations of different important people in history. An educational comic project with a focus on building from information you're given with research!
Last update: 11th May 2020
Greg's Adventures Greg's Adventures
Greg just became the manager for a small ad company. He has to learn new rules, figure out his new job, and meet all his new employees... not all of whom are human.
Oh well. He's not human either.
Adventures of Greg, a guy that no one knows what he is.
Updates Mondays, will switch to MWF after the first chapter // PG for my sense of humor

Last update: 6th Jan 2020
Copy Cat Copy Cat
Normal kids, living their everyday lives at a boarding school. Oh wait, did I mention that they have superpowers? Updates irregularly.
Current chapter: Kat is just joining Mutanté. How will she deal with a new school, new people, and new powers?

Last update: 19th Oct 2015
Blessed Blessed
If there was a deity for almost everything, what would they do? Black + White = Blessed, and They could be reality's only hope.
Last update: 12th May 2017
Frequent Strong Language