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Registration date: 28th Aug 2013
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Location: So. Cal.
About me
Joe Krejci (Joe 5) is a native of Southern California and is on his comic Elsewhere's 25th anniversary. it has run as a college comic strip at Cal State Long Beach, was internationally available through a major distributor and has come back as an online comic that is printed and rumored to have more than three readers.

On Elsewhere Joe did everything on it. He wrote it, drew it, set it up for print, hired the printer, did the press check, sent book out to distributors and went to comic shows to promote it. Joe have a BFA in Art/Illustration and have done Master's classes toward and MFA. Most of his career in design, art production and art and have taught these subjects.

joe5art's comics
Classic Elsewhere
The original college comics of Elsewhere. Elsewhere is A Slice of Life with Sci-Fi Pie for Dessert! Butch, a small black dog, is way out of this depth. Walter, a burly walrus, is his roommate. It deals with humorous typical and wild adventures they have with their freinds. Somedays it can be as mundane as dealing with laundry and classes other weeks they could be trying to stop an alien invasion and a time space continuum loop.
Last update: 25th Mar 2015
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These are the voyages of roommates Butch and Walter.
Never the same old story of trying to fix time.
To undo the damage caused by an alien Explosion.
To seek out lost time machines & finish school.
To boldly go and have action packed adventures to drum up readers.
This Is Elsewhere.

Last update: 3 days ago
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