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Nowhere Blues
Living in the middle of nowhere can leave you feeling blue.
Last update: 16th Nov 2017
When Barb's father, Babe, died suddenly from a trampoline accident, she had a tough decision to make. Would she settle down with Wayne and keep the bar open? Or would she take that full ride scholarship and leave Alderman, NE behind.

Good thing for all the Babes, Barb decided to keep her father's legacy alive. What was once a smelly, booze-soaked billiards club is now a musky, karaoke-filled, Keno hall. Barb now spends her nights and weekends with her best friends Marti and Deb while slinging domestic bottles and swapping out karaoke discs.

Babe's tells the story of three babes who make their local dive bar, Babe's, their home.

Last update: 17th Jul 2017