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Registration date: 14th Feb 2016
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Location: England
About Me
Hmm, I'm Good-bad but I'm not evil.

jsjaques's Webcomics
The Teatime Club
The Teatime Club: A heartbreaking work of staggering incompetence. In 1994 John Jaques graduated from University. Young, free and educated, the world was his oyster... Several years later he is still living at home with his parents,working in a call centre with no love life, no prospects and unmanageable hair.

Most of his contemporaries are in London, working in Graduate jobs and living the dream. Meanwhile John Jaques spends his time drinking with his younger brother and old school friends in their run down, Northern, provincial home town. He fails to understand why his life is not panning out how he imagines it would... He sees the world through film and wants life to mirror the plot of a John Hughes movie.

Frustrated and feeling trapped he plots to leave and see the world but first there is one last weekend expedition to arrange.

If you've been looking for a nostalgic story about a post-college drop-out's drinking adventures and his struggles with the meaning of life and crazy frizzy hair then this is the comic for you.

Last update: 3rd Nov 2018
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The Bends
A series of disappointing cartoons about disappointment
Last update: 13th Aug 2018
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