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juice of mango
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Registration date: 30th Nov 2010
Last seen: 26th May 2013, 6:16 AM
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Location: daytona beach, florida
About me
I'm a nerd. I play video games, & I watch anime/cartoons & horror movies. I wish I lived in Japan or Norway. I belong in a forest burning crosses while jamming out to some black metal. I used to draw shitty comics in the days of High School and now with the greatness of photoshop I can make my shitty comics look half way decent. I support DIY Hardcore,& art.

juice of mango's comics
Blood Office
The staff at Power Tele Comm ignore the fact that their boss is a 2,000 year old who wants to enslave the world with an army of zombified office blood-suckers.

-story by Mike Hawkins
-art by Matt Randall

Last update: 11th May 2013
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two vegan powered friends fight the forces of evil
Last update: 23rd Dec 2010
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Bro Stories
random one-off comics to kill time, & that don't make sense. get ready to bro down.

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Last update: 14th Apr 2011
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