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Howdy there!!
I'm Kathleen, feel free to call me Kat. I'm an aspiring comic artist, looking to share my ideas with the world. Feel free to shoot me a message, ask any question, or just start off with some small talk.
If you like my work, check out my Twitter or Instagram for extra art!!

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Afraid of Monsters
"Afraid of Monsters is a fantasy/humour webcomic by Kat Ozkosar about one young Allen Alechem, a lad whose main concerns are his upcoming physics exam, not hurting himself, and generally being frightened by more or less everything. Cue his surprise (and abject terror) when his looker of an aunt, Grace, brings him to stay at a new... school! One... populated entirely by monsters!

Oh, and did we mention that he's also a monster? Grace didn't, apparently.

Well, at least he won't have to worry about that physics exam, anymore."

- TV Tropes

Last update: 11th Jun 2021
Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language