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Registration date: 24th Oct 2014
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Location: Savannah
About Me
Howdy there!!
I'm Kathleen, feel free to call me Kat. I'm an aspiring graphic novelist and comic artist, looking to share my ideas with the world. Feel free to shoot me a message, ask any question, or just start off with some small talk. I'm currently attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, double-majoring in Illustration and Sequential Art.
My tumblr and deviantart are both kat-ozkosar, both of which I try to keep updating with new artwork.

kat_oz's Webcomics
Afraid of Monsters
Allen was just a normal kid with concerns no bigger than next week's physics exam... At least until he's whisked away to a curious Center to discover that Monsters are real!! Not only that, but he's one as well.
Last update: 3rd Jan 2019
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Heaven nor Hell
Will you chose to wait for your taxi by the stop, or at the bar??

Every soul has a final destination, and sometimes that destination is more clear than others. But what about the ones that need a little mulling over?? When a soul is neither bound for Heaven nor Hell, it must simply wait in the between.

An episodic comic about three strange characters, helping decide the final destination of those passing through their empty realm.

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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