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The Aether
Welcome to the Aether, a world separate, but inexplicably linked, to our own. Pierce the Veil and see what is hidden.

The Aether is a story about four families in a constant struggle for control of Monland City. Each family has access to a world that grants them supernatural powers as they fight to be the ruling family and the victors in the Aether War.

Updated on Sundays.

*This comic aims to depict real behaviors, in extraordinary situations, and current societal norms, including cursing, sex (mainly in the form of bootstrap scenes), and drug use as appropriate. While I do not plan for these to be in excess they are all a part of life and as such have a place, as appropriate for the story. FYI, a bootstrap scene is a term I heard for the cut tv shows use to imply sex has occurred without actually showing the sex.*

Last update: 7th Feb 2016
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