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Registration date: 2nd Jul 2015
Last seen: 18th Mar 2016, 5:46 PM
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Location: USA
About me
I love adventure, history, culture, symbology, science, and swimming. I dream of becoming the greatest film director of all time! I love inventing, creating, and sharing, stories/ideas. yup I think that sums it up.

kfish's comics
Gold Blood
In the realm of Abzu Alchemists are alive and well though the Gods in the realm of Kur have certainly fallen giving way to all manner of folk from thieves to aristocrats harvesting the gods remains and remnants for their own self gain. We follow Devrin Gonan a necromancer on his journey through the crazy realm of Kur protected by the most unusual guard.
Last update: 11th Dec 2015
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Yokai Ai
A 24 year old entomology student suddenly becomes a Miko?! What's more is that she now has to preform a very unique task, with the help of two other Miko, to arrange marriages for yokai! This supernatural comedy is what happens when life doesn't go quite as planned and what love has in store.
Last update: 7th Dec 2015
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