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An aspiring game dev, writer, voice actress, and singer~ I also like to draw manga-style comics and use MikuMikuDance.

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Sadist Cupid ~!
A fan comic strip series about VOCALOID created using MikuMikuDance~

Luka Megurine is a "really loving and caring" best friend of MEIKO. All Luka wants is Meiko's happiness--she sees how it is obvious that Meiko has a huge crush on Kaito, but is too tsundere to admit anything. So, as her best friend, Luka does the best in her power to make sure that the two end up in situations where they see each other. Of course, her antics range from harmless to downright embarrassing (and it's obvious that despite Luka's genuine heart, she does get a kick out of making her best friend blush furiously).

Last update: 18th Jun 2016
The Last Lament
Reads from right-to-left.

Jasira has dedicated her life as an Essence-Redeemer, a type of hunter class that slays Wraiths that have stolen a person's life essence. When consumed, it can be returned to its vessel within a few hours. However, when essence is tainted by a Wraith's corruption, it must be purified by the petals of an Arsheshan Flower, or--by a member of the most risky hunter class, Corruption-Eater. Jasira has always despised this class after witnessing a loved one transform into a Reaper after consuming too much. Then, one day, her agency pairs her up with a Corruption-Eater--a young man named Keo. She refused, but is urged that the times were nescessary, so she reluctantly works with him. The number of Wraiths has grown, and together they must restore and cleanse people's life essence, as well as hunt down the legendary monster: Sarcutome "The Last Lament".

Last update: 21st Feb 2016
Graphic Violence / Gore
At Summer's Edge
<< Reads right-to-left

A high school girl named Lucinda is mysteriously enrolled in summer school, but she doesn't know why. And strangely, this summer class happens on another campus. The only thing easing her nerves is the boy she met earlier in spring happens to be attending here. However, everyone here is quite... "interesting"... every single person. And she has to stay here for the entire summer.

A really strange, random, comedic, and mysterious story created using the software ComiPo!

Last update: 20th Aug 2020
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language