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Adventures of Mike & EZ (AME, for short) is a web comic based on a Sci Fi story called Lovers in the Woods. (The title comes from an old cartoon, an erotic retelling of the Hansel and Gretel fairytale. The book isn't really all that kinky, though, in case you're wondering. There's maybe one sex scene. Or two. But that's it. The rest of it is about war, cyber crime and alternate/virtual reality. And also dreams.
There's a book trailer which can be viewed here -

Mike and EZ are two of the main characters in Lovers in the Woods. They're brothers who've become cyborgs after an unfortunate encounter with the police. The comic is the story as seen through their eyes. There's a lot of stuff going on in the city where they live and its vicinity (like a civil war, a deadly computer virus spreading through the Metro's system and the looming destruction of their entire world), but Mike and EZ aren't much concerned about that. All they're trying to do is find a notorious hacker named Leon Hessinger and bring him to their monstrous boss, Mr. Vincent. (Mr. Vincent is a giant, loathsome, slug-like entity who enjoys the company of common house roaches and runs a large hotel chain. You'll meet him later in the comic when Mike and EZ visit the Time Hotel.)

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