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Registration date: 2nd Jun 2012
Last seen: 24th Jan 2017, 5:04 AM
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Location: Minneapolis
About me
I'm a starving writer/illustrator in my mid-thirties, and a member of the Cartoonist Conspiracy International. We're everywhere!

lathelathe's comics
Knave's End
Knave's End is a port town in a fantasy world, peopled by humans, orcs, elves, dwarves, halflings, and some odd types of goblins. It's a center of political and criminal intrigue where the criminals are nasty and some of the guards are even worse.
Last update: 16th Sep 2013
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The Dane Project
As the name suggests some of this strip will likely pertain to Great Dane ownership. That said, this is also where I plan to kinda try new things and see what works for my own taste and what might appeal to readers out there. Might see some sci-fi, maybe some Western, and probably a little history, as well as some of the usual autobiographical stuff, though not much of that. Truth told my life just isn't interesting enough to support a comic on it's own. It may well be a real mess.
Last update: 11th Jan 2013
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Samwise Spade, For Hire!
All towns have their seedy underbellies, those places where danger's only as far as the business end of the nearest hidden weapon. Even magical towns in worlds populated by elves, dwarves, little folk, knights and unicorns as it turns out. It takes a hard-boiled private eye to deal with the surrealities of the place. Wherever dangerous dames and nasty knights rear their heads in Knave's End, there's one hard-boiled halfling who'll take the case... Samwise Spade: For hire!
Last update: 18th Jun 2014
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The Porcelain Avenger
When villains stalk the night and refuse to flush after defiling public restrooms, one man hotly pursues justice and cleanliness... The Porcelain Avenger!!!
Last update: 22nd Sep 2013
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Samwise Spade Weekly
Follow the ongoing adventures of Samwise Spade the halfling Gumshoe, as he navigates the dark alleys and twisted denizens of the almost-medieval port city of Knave's End. Updated once or twice weekly.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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