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'Ello, the names level and I exist.
My hobby is writing and art is something I mostly do as a tool to help make visual representations of the ideas within said writing. Which ultimately one day will hopefully lead to the creation of a comic on this site.
However, I'm lazy.
So, welcome to the void filled with the human condition, tears, and complimentary food service.
News update good vibes found in void hidden under pizza shaped hole in the floor.

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Anthology! Anthology!
Anthology is the primary catalogue of the Mid-Strudel culture, located on ComicFury. Members of the ComicFury Noticeboard (endonymically referred to as Strudellers) create pictorial representations of one another and share them with the community. Memes ensue.
Last update: 26th Apr 2022

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Curly fries, chocolate, beef jerky
These are the key elements to keeping this creature of the night satiated and the creativity train rumblin down the tracks