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Hard to tilt

Registration date: 18th Nov 2015
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About me
'Ello, the names level and I exist.
My hobby is writing and art is something I mostly do as a tool to help make visual representations of the ideas within said writing. Which ultimately one day will hopefully lead to the creation of a comic on this site.
However, I'm lazy.
So, welcome to the void filled with the human condition, tears, and complimentary food service.

level's comics
Ten years ago, the Grand Prince Vincent witnessed his mother's assassination at the hands of the necromancer Umber. Despite being executed numerous times, Umber will not allow himself to die. Now an adult, Vincent has been sent to find a relic capable of summoning Death himself, for the purpose of bargaining Umber's permanent demise.
Firstly, he is tasked with convincing the serial killer Xander that it's in his best interests to assist and guard Vincent. After all, it would be quite bothersome for previous victims to come back and cause him trouble, now wouldn't it?

Updates on Sundays
Twitter: @RosrinWebcomic

Sex scenes and pages with excessive gore will be marked in the archive with (S) or (G) respectively, so you can skip them or find them easily, depending on what boats your float. Not gonna judge. Gore will be determined by my(Realm's) discretion, but if you think an unmarked page should be marked as such, just shoot me a PM and we can talk about it.

Last update: 2 days ago
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This is a collection of things drawn by people.
Last update: 20th Jul 2017
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Curly fries, chocolate, beef jerky
These are the key elements to keeping this creature of the night satiated and the creativity train rumblin down the tracks

Now you might be asking yourself
what, why
And the answer is
There's no point to this but hey you're cool