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Hard to tilt
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Registration date: 18th Nov 2015
Last seen: 11th Sep 2018, 1:39 AM
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About me
'Ello, the names level and I exist.
My hobby is writing and art is something I mostly do as a tool to help make visual representations of the ideas within said writing. Which ultimately one day will hopefully lead to the creation of a comic on this site.
However, I'm lazy.
So, welcome to the void filled with the human condition, tears, and complimentary food service.
News update good vibes found in void hidden under pizza shaped hole in the floor.

level's comics
This is a collection of things drawn by people.
Last update: 27th Nov 2018
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Curly fries, chocolate, beef jerky
These are the key elements to keeping this creature of the night satiated and the creativity train rumblin down the tracks