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Hard to tilt

Registration date: 18th Nov 2015
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About me
'Ello, the names level and I exist.
My hobby is writing and art is something I mostly do as a tool to help make visual representations of the ideas within said writing. Which ultimately one day will hopefully lead to the creation of a comic on this site.
However, I'm lazy.
So, welcome to the void filled with the human condition, tears, and complimentary food service.

level's comics
Ten years ago, the High Lady of Aurum was assassinated by what would become the necromancer Umber. Her young son, Vincent Imperator Ebrius, witnessed her death. Now an adult, the High Prince Vincent has been sent to find a relic capable of summoning Death himself, for the purpose of bargaining Umber's permanent demise. Firstly, he must also track down the notorious serial killer Xander, to enlist as a bodyguard against the less divine threats to his safety. The longer Umber draws breath, the more his army of the dead grows in strength and numbers.

Gore and Nudity will be toggleable.

Last update: 5th Dec 2016
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This is a collection of things drawn by people.
Last update: Yesterday
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