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Comic buddies with Boeuf-de-Kobe!

If you're looking for my comic I used to post here, I ended up getting it hosted/published through Webtoons. You can view it here (yes, it's free):

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Starkissed Boyfriend
A sadistic, vengeful parody of Legend of Paean.

16 year old Hestia is a timid girl who just wants the perfect boyfriend. On a full, starry night, she wishes for a boyfriend, and as fate would have it, a handsome new boy wants to date her! But, things aren't quite what they seem with Gift Cadeau, the new transfer student...

Shoujo/slice of life/fantasy/comedy
Updates: Sporadic XD

Last update: 13th Aug 2016

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Pretty cool guy here on CF! Works hard and makes manga! What's not to like? :'D

The King of Puns. This guy is one awesome dude. He's goofy and nerdy like me, and an awesome mangaka! He's my senpai in all things CF-related and helps keep me motivated and on track. Plus, he's my arch-nemesis. >:D ...haha ok, jk, jk, not really. Really tho, one cool guy. :D