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Registration date: 3rd Nov 2014
Last seen: 25th Aug 2016, 5:58 PM
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Location: Lafeyette, Louisiana
About Me
I try to be hard working, yet I stress out easily and I am susceptible to mean comments, not critics, but plain rude comments about my comic. If it isn't nice keep it. I don't want it. Be mean to me, BUT my PRIDE and joy is off limits. You bully my comic, not only are you bullying me, but you are bullying years of creation, imagination, teamwork, and bonds built, and my family. All which help influence this comic. You have any comments about me being an artist. email me. its:
Now, anything I'm forgetting?... Yes I'm forgetful, and I might be hardworking, I can be just as lazy. I usually like to keep a good schedule going, but I can get off track, which stresses me out, then I rush it.
Well that's all I guess.... Remember YOU MAY HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, But don't hurt others freedoms of happiness in the process. I keep my comic fair, but I have my biases. (whether i like it or not) Thank You

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The Wolven Comic
The year is 2040, three decades after the first Wolvanic Human War. The real war has yet to come.
Last update: 7th Mar 2016
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