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The Demonic Adventures of Angel Witch Pita The Demonic Adventures of Angel Witch Pita
The story of Angel Witch Pita is about a classically average, unspectacular young woman who comes across a book that, upon reading an incantation inside of it, releases dozens of monsters and incubi and succubi that had been sealed within it over a century ago. She is then contracted by a winged pig named Buhi, who claims that he is a cherub in training, to find those she's released and stop them from harming mankind. He empowers her with his halo, giving her an angelic appearance and the power to call upon an angel form. As her adventures progress, she collects an Incubus in child form named Jinx (who is really the leader of all of those from the book) and a Succubus named Beliel. She initially believes herself to be a type of magical girl, but the truth is far darker, and far deeper than she could ever imagine.
Last update: 9th Apr 2018
Frequent Frontal Nudity Frequent Strong Language
The World Outside of Time Omnibus The World Outside of Time Omnibus
A collection of stories and short arcs detailing the lives of those who live Outside of Time, and the places where their world connects to ours.

Updates Wednesdays

Last update: 13th Mar 2018
Galiena's Musings Galiena's Musings
Originally posted only on the Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone site, this is a parody blog that details the life of a player character named Galiena Niemand.
Sadly only people who play Final Fantasy XIV will understand what's happening as the story goes on, but there is still enough amusement to be gleaned for everyone else.

Completed 4-23-17

Last update: 23rd Apr 2017