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Registration date: 13th Jul 2015
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Location: United Kingdom
About me
Hello, I'm Lizzie. I like to draw vampires and werewolves and elves and all that jazz. I make comics and cats like to sit on me at inconvenient times.

You can find my art here:

lizzarts's comics
Unnatural Causes
Mina Davies is nothing special. Well, aside from being a werewolf. And having a vampire for a boyfriend. And the fact that she can't seem to stop getting mixed up in weird goings on...

Murder and Mayhem in Mid-Wales! Mina Davies just wanted to go home and visit her family, and maybe introduce her boyfriend to some old friends for the new year. It was meant to be a pleasantly dull sort of affair.

Instead, Mina and Phineas find themselves investigating summer flowers that grow through winter snow, some very strange owl behaviour, and a string of increasingly brutal murders.

Last update: Yesterday
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