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Registration date: 6th Jan 2011
Last seen: 6th May 2016, 5:04 AM
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About me
My name is Niko I make comics

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lobotomistman's comics
Infectious Zombies-Dark City
Zombies. Zombies that got mutated and turned into gross zombie mutant creatures, like giant worms and stuff.
Last update: 18th Feb 2012
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Niko's Bitter Nuzlocke
I've wanted to do a Nuzlocke for a while but was always too lazy. Now I am making a Nuzlocke. I lost my GBA so I'm playing in an emulator. It still works.
Last update: 23rd May 2012
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Red and Blue are in a zombie apocalypse. That's pretty much it.
Last update: 30th Mar 2013
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Dead Ship Rising
On the failing, flying city of Tesseray, humans and mutants are at constant war for the dwindling resources. A conspiracy uproots human leader Krale from his home and sets him adrift on the city. Can he survive? Maybe. He's pretty badass.
Last update: 14th Mar 2012
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Thicker Than Water
A mysterious disease wipes out everyone on the planet but about 25,000 middle school children around the world. One of these kids, Alexander Root, goes insane at the loss of his older brother and vows to find out who created this disease, and bring him to death. If that means killing a few hundred of his fellow humans, so be it...
Last update: 9th Oct 2011
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Sad Baby
Depressing things to darken up your day!
Last update: 31st May 2013
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3/4 Life
412 all day
Last update: 1st Apr 2013
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Erk The Awesome Ghost
A CYOA about Erk a ghost. It'll be run by three-lots authors. It'll basically be made up as it goes.
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Last update: 5th Mar 2012
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