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I am a storm-tossed refugee from another webcomic-hosting site. I am a father of four, a preacher of the gospel, an award-winning political cartoonist, an accordion player, a clueless mechanic , and a best-selling author, not necessarily in that order.

malford's Webcomics
Cameron's World
Spanning time, space, and reality itself, Cameron's World is the playtime adventures of 4 home schooled siblings who live in the middle of nowhere, based loosely on the very real Robert, Cameron, Belle and JJ.
Last update: 21st Mar 2018
Kung Fu Rabbit
Kung Fu Rabbit is the story of a second-generation rabbit protector sent out into the world of men to restore honor and justice to a world gone horribly wrong.

But beyond that, KFR is an idea I came up with in the early 90's, and went through several incarnations. This is the original webcomic version, posted on another site almost 10 years ago, before I really knew what I was doing.
Included here is the orignal run, and the reboot done several years later. Hopefully you can see the improvements, and it will be an encouragement to you.

Last update: 22nd Mar 2018
ClickBait Caption Fails
If you've spent any time at all on the internet, you've seen them; little mini-headlines underneath a single picture. It must make sense to have them there because they are EVERYWHERE. These mini-headlines will promise you diet tips that 'they' don't want you to know, or will show you current pictures of your favorite TV star from years gone by. If you click on them, somewhere a cash register rings and you usually find yourself somewhere you never intended to go.

But what if, instead of the headline below the picture, you assigned to it the headline above?? That friends, is the simple, and ridiculous idea behind this comic. We take the world of information and misinformation that is deluging all of our brains and with a simple redirection of focus, find humor in the tragic, and weirdness in the mundane.
Please, subscribe, stay in touch, and enjoy.

Last update: 24th Jan 2018