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An overgrown pop culture's kid.

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Mibbits Mibbits
A story written by my Surrelia character in "Pop Culture's Kids", at least in-that-universe. This universe is about a version of our world where the humanoid being are called "mibbits" co-exist with talking animals. It's a comic strip with some continuity meant to satirize current events, but in a more allegorical way. Pogo is a major influence, much like in the 2018 "Pop Culture's Kids" comics, but this world isn't as aware of the real-life players.

Hopefully a fun way to strike back at the Age of Trump.

Last update: 10th Apr 2019
Mibbitoons Mibbitoons
Some random cartoons, including a few here and there on a theme. Kind of like some book collections of cartoons by cartoonists like Saul Steinberg, Ronald Searle, and others better than I. Some will have detail, others just sketches. This will fill in time between comics, having just concluded "Pop Culture's Kids" and now developing a new comic, as well as continuing after that but less often. Keeping the word "mibbit" here as it's been a general name for certain cartoon characters in my work since well before my 1st web comic. Only some characters in this series will be actual "mibbits".
Last update: 5th Apr 2020
On The Bubble On The Bubble
A society maybe weirder than ours, Facetious Falls (and other places) is a fantasy world closer to the real one. Practically an allegory of itself. There are regular characters and stories, but On The Bubble is more a place in time than anything. The term "on the bubble" refers to a TV show whose chances of continuing could go either way, renewed or cancelled. Their world feels like that a lot. That can happen when your world is a satire.
Last update: Yesterday
Pop Culture's Kids Pop Culture's Kids
A small group of kids, including a relative newcomer to the town, create a club for their mutual love of TV, music, movies, etc. My influences include Krazy Kat, Pogo, Bloom County and Calvin & Hobbes.
Last update: 22nd Nov 2019
Michelle's Universe Scrapbook Michelle's Universe Scrapbook
Before the Michelle LaFemme in "Pop Culture's Kids", the character starred in a few other stories that were condensed and expanded upon in a (currently unpublished) graphic novel called "Michelle's Universe". This Michelle was born in 1962, and the novel is her biography. This webcomic is made up of additional material to that story, told in the form of comic strips, comic book pages, editorial cartoons, illustrations, etc.
Last update: 17th Feb 2014
PCK Time PCK Time
PCK Time is a continuation of Pop Culture's Kids, in the aftermath of the Space-Time Continuum going wrong, leaving the PCK characters in both child and adult form. PCK Time will be like a combination of editorial cartoons, gag cartoons, and a comic strip.

Sundays will be more Surrelia-centric, focusing on her attempts at making Sunday funnies like the early 20th century ones.

PCK Time will update 3 to 5 times a week during weekdays, and on most Sundays.

Last update: 25th Mar 2014