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Registration date: 20th Mar 2014
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mdunn82's Webcomics
An anti-hero known as “The Spectromancer” runs an internet based Ghost bounty hunter agency, called #IFightGhosts.

The series, Chronicles the story of Darren Palmer, a twenty-something con man who is killed in a freak accident, and given a second chance at redemption by serving as a "Spectromancer". His task is to hunt down and return the rogue spirits who've escaped limbo's judgement. However, Darren is all about personal gain, and instead begins to exploit his powers for profit.

Created by Martin Dunn, Moises Fermin, and Shawn Langley.

Season 2 Creative Team
Written By: Martin Dunn with Dustin Holifer
Art By: Moises Fermin
Colors By: Jeremy Calderon
Letters By: CAE Studios

Last update: 20th Apr 2016
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CAE Weekly!
CAE Studios Weekly! - Every week, CAE Studios will present a new comic. This will include original short stories, exclusive webcomic content, and sometimes full issues of our currently in print and published books. CAE Studios is the home of 'Joshua Black', 'The Wellkeeper', 'Project: Overwatch', 'Timber', 'ORDINARY' and more!
Last update: 22nd Mar 2016
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Old World 50
Old World 50 (OW50) is a post apocalyptic story that follows a nameless survivor of an event known only as "The Cloud". This lone wanderer has grown up in this wasteland since he was a child and it's all he really knows. Upon discovering a journal that has been owned by countless others, he decides to follow it's advice and take highway 50 to a place known as "Eden" which is located on the other side of what was once the U.S. The best way to do this is to take Highway 50 aka The Old World 50.

I created Old World 50 as a way to get in steady practice in the comic field. As I became wrapped up in working on other projects. This webcomic fell by the wayside.

I am now trying to get back in the swing of things and soon enough I will have it back up and running.

Thanks for checking it out.

Last update: 2nd Sep 2014
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Dimensions Of Labour
"Dimensions of Labour" is comic creator Martin Dunn's semi-autobiographical take on the comic book industry. Told through the narrative of Banky Stevens, a 30-something single dad who stumbles through the world of being a semi-successful comic creator. Journey along as he touches on everything from his insane friends and family to angry cosplayers, rival creators, vindictive fanboys, and even some of the zaniest moments of being a single dad, where the reality is almost more bizarre and unbelievable than anything he could possibly draw in a comic strip.

Art By: Martin Dunn and Javier Lugo

Last update: 1st Jul 2016
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Project: A.P.E.X.
Celebrities. Heroes. Nu-genes. Long-time United Americas government allies. A.P.E.X.has stood as the celebrated global police force; fostering a new generation of Teen heroes who have become media darlings. Yet, time, like A.P.E.X.'s allegiances, turns forcing the teen heroes to pick sides and question authority.

Written, Created and Inked by: Martin Dunn
Co-Created with Pencils by: Javier Lugo
Colors by: Rob Torres
Letters By: MaGnUs

Pages 1-18 Artwork -
Pencils By: Javier Lugo
Inks By: Javier Lugo, Rob Torres, and Martin Dunn.
Colors by: Lance Catan with Derrick Fish and Martin Dunn.

Last update: 7th Oct 2015
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