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Registration date: 23rd Jul 2010
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About me
I am an artist and an engineer...and yes, I know what you're thinking. Engineers can't draw.
Well, I'm here to change that! Combining my love for drawing and curiosity for how things work I'm creating a story that challenges how we view technology and inspires kids and adults to engage it, with their own hands!!


megamaster's comics
Nick and Anna
Nick and Anna are two children that want to have a fun adventure but usually end up getting themselves hurt or hospitalized because of their stupidity. Nick is supposed to be illiterate so what he says is usually not grammatically correct.
Last update: 1st Apr 2011
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Back to School Again
Here's a comic that I made while I was bored. It's about a kid's first day at a new school.

Last update: 27th Oct 2014
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Narutoe Parody
Nick and Anna venture into the world of Narutoe. Nick is Hatashi and Anna is Nakura.
Last update: 25th May 2013
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Path Life
Last update: 1st May 2016
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In a world where technology is progressively taking over the way we live, there is a kid mechanic willing to risk his life to figure it all out!

Updates: Whenever I feel like!

Last update: 11th Jul 2016
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