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The Refraction of Princess Chroma The Refraction of Princess Chroma
A dark force is turning Earth grey and tearing apart reality as we know it. Monsters known only as Monochromes run rampant. Can anything stop this madness?

Enter violent schoolgirl and newly-appointed Magical Girl, June Summer. Armed with disgustingly cute powers and supported by her friends, frenemies, and a disgruntled knight-turned-rabbit mentor, June will battle monsters and strive to restore color to the world. Little does she know that world-saving is a messy, ridiculous business. Anything can happen...and anything can go wrong.

Will June learn to take her heroic responsibilities seriously, or have the forces of good put their trust in the wrong person?

Last update: Yesterday
Violent Content
Here I Lie Awake Here I Lie Awake
You think I look tired, don't you? I guess the truth is I haven't been sleeping. It's not like I don't try, but when I lie down, I...get this feeling. It's this feeling of being weighed down, like I'm tiny and heavy at the same time. I try so hard to ignore it, but it won't go away and I just can't sleep. I don't even know how to explain what it is, except...
Last update: 5 days ago
Graphic Violence / Gore
Soulless Soulless
If you really did everything the right way…why did things still end up like this? Why…? Is life really that unfair?
A fancomic following the True Pacifist ending to Toby Fox's Undertale. Spoilers.

Last update: 18th May 2020
Princess Chroma Bonus Reel Princess Chroma Bonus Reel
This profile contains all sorts of extras from the webcomic Princess Chroma, including guest pages, bonus strips, holiday strips, and other things not related to the main story.
If you happen to stumble across this profile and like what you see, you can find the main series at

Last update: 1st Jan 2023
An Iff and a Butt An Iff and a Butt
"Haroun Khalifa moved his head very, very slowly, until half an eye was looking around the door-jamb into the bathroom: where he saw a small, ancient-looking man, no bigger than himself, wearing a huge purple turban on his head and baggy silk pajamas gathered at the ankle. This little fellow sported an impressive full set of whiskers, of a most unusual color: the palest, most delicate shade of sky blue." --from "The Dull Lake"
A graphic prose adaptation of an excerpt from Salman Rushdie's Haroun and the Sea of Stories. Created for a class project.

Last update: 25th Nov 2014
The Last Tomorrow The Last Tomorrow
In a world where humans and fauna have banded together to defend the planet from alien invaders, a young couple ponder the path not taken and the weight of their choices.
Last update: 25th Jan 2015