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Moonlit Brew Moonlit Brew
Moonlit Brew centers around Sam and Simon, two friends who were just writing their acceptance letters for college at a local coffee shop during summer break, when a barista named Lydia walks inside. Noticing Sam looking a bit lovestruck, Simon dares him to ask her out. Little do they know, that little dare would give them a lot more than they bargained for, especially under a full moon...

The trio will face obstacles, both natural and supernatural, all while the three pursue their dreams and run a coffee shop of their own!

Last update: One week ago
ACES: Artifact Collection & Extraction Squad ACES: Artifact Collection & Extraction Squad
An undead DJ, a Gorgon woman with super strength, and a mutated rooster-man-with-a-plan work for a shadow branch of the FBI dedicated to preventing powered artifacts from falling in the wrong hands... when they're not dealing with tourists, of course.
Last update: 2 days ago
Occasional Strong Language