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Registration date: 24th Sep 2018
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About Me
I love comics and video games, and by video games I mainly mean dark souls. Please feel free to love my stuff, or uhate it. Im mainly concerned about getting comments

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For centuries, demons and humans have been at odds. However in the current age, things are now quite diffrent.

Welcome to the story of the Great Church of Mother Mary, where all walks of life, be they demon or human, come together for one cause; to become rehabilitated from violence loving heathens to aspiring vessels, or teachers to the principalities, power and wisdom of the angels in the army of god, and to inter grade with their fellow nuns to create a world truly prosperous in peace.

What could go wrong?

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Tsokaka is the only human in a world filled with ghouls, monsters, and all sorts of spooky things. How can a young soul survive the harshness of such a reality? Grit, and determination. Oh and the ability to eat demons and use their strength helps!
Last update: 3 days ago
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Baxton is not a Hero!
Life has been going downhill for Baxton ever since he was bit by a monster at the amusement park where he works as a mascot. He is transforming into something otherworldly, fast! Worst of all, the amusement parks mascot, Baxton the cat, has its helmet stuck on his head! But one thing is for certain, despite monsters running rampard, him gaining new powers, being spied on, and kidnapped by evil scientist, Baxton is determined to live a normal life and NOT BE A HERO!
Last update: 14th Oct 2018
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Art dump
Just a collection of drawings I made to fit in now partucular order
Last update: 19th Feb 2019
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