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Registration date: 19th Mar 2010
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Location: state of denial
About me
J.P. resides in sunny Southern California and like 423 in the graphic novel, on good days he is released from his straitjacket and allowed a box of crayons. With that days pap lazily drooling down his chin he takes colored crayon in hand and smears the page.

mitch's comics
Dark Matter
An explanation of why all matter is dark matter. (really)
Last update: 30th Sep 2018
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Big Bang a Bust
Last update: 17th Apr 2011
[Comic profile]
A short pleasant introduction to my frilly poems.
Last update: 7th Apr 2010
[Comic profile]
Galaxy Spin
A logical explanation of the universe
Last update: 3rd Apr 2011
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Moths to a flame
The Annihilation of humanity
Last update: 20th Jun 2012
[Comic profile]
The End
Last update: 7th Nov 2012
[Comic profile]
Challenge of the Goylegar
A stowaway's adventures on a strange world.
Last update: 30th Mar 2010
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The Mercenary
The Mercenary on another mission in deep space.
Last update: 3rd Jun 2010
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Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Last update: 27th Apr 2011
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