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The Big Missy. The Big Mama. The Large Marge.

And Mr. Jennings, where was he,
The man that we had asked to see
And who were we to think
That it was funny
That when she raised her glass she said,
She wasn't sure, he might be dead;
Or somewhere making love
To all his money

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Loud Era Loud Era
A bunch of misfits going through adolescence and adulthood a hundred years ago.

Historical slice of life fiction, traditionally drawn & colored.

Content: romance, disability themes, some mature content/coarse language, LGBTQ themes, nudity, sexual situations, depictions of racism, domestic, physical, substance, and parental abuse. Recommended for readers 13 & older.

Last update: 1st May 2021
Violent Content Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
Japes n Jalopies Japes n Jalopies
This really doesnt' belong in my regular comic
Last update: 14th Mar 2022
Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language