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I create different comics in between drawing and stuff.

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Lightning Prophetess
It's a manga about a college student gets drafted into the Spiritual War for souls as a Prophetess of God. She battles demons, devils,and still manages to make it to class on time. Has action, adventure, and shoujo humor with a Christian theme.
Last update: 24th Oct 2019
Graphic Violence / Gore
Trial by Lena
Meet Melvena "Lena" Harris, 15 and a lot of trouble. Lena only wants one thing, life back to the way it was before she moved. Seems easy, except she is pursued by Solomon Tyrell, the choir director of her mom's church. Lena is tough and constantly proving to Solomon that nice guys finish last..but Solomon begs to differ...
Last update: 8th Jul 2012
Graphic Violence / Gore