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Registration date: 30th Sep 2015
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About me
Hey! Dag Nab It I'm soooo new here I don't know what to do.
Gotta do everything to sync in.
I dont know the 80% stuffs about this website and I'm not familiar with it so please excuse me...wait how do I get back to the Main page of C.F.? Ah flog it. I'll just close the browser and re-search C.F. again.

mladshiy's comics
Indocile Fantoccini
A story filled with
sci-fi+fantasy+fairies+unicorns+(possibly drugs)+adventure+ exploration+aliens+Nazi I dont know.

A story about hopes and dreams molded by shattered memories, comforting lies and exploited trust.

Last update: 4 days ago
[Comic profile]
Some stuff from WW2 to modern wars
+ Crappy jokes
+ Characters from my other web comics
+ A pinch of NSFW
+ Swastikas and Hammer and Sickles
+ Vodka
and what you get?

A webcomic of randomness I'll try to update as soon as a page is ready. It'll be a WTF webcomic, you'll hate it.

Last update: 18th Aug 2016
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