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Registration date: 19th May 2015
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About me
my name is moss and i provide nightmare fuel

mosske's comics
Chum Bucket
We've moved! Come visit us on our new site (with blackjack, and hookers):

What Turner and Hooch did for crime, Nigella and Thor do for adventure.*

*do not attempt at home. all stunts are performed by trained professionals in a secure studio.**

**not actually, but really don't do it.

Last update: 22nd Jan 2017
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Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Updates every Sunday.

In every room of the world, there exist the unlit corners; the place where monsters dwell. They are real. They exist.

Jane and Rowan are two of them.

They are called Dream Eaters, monsters in human form from the world that lurks between the night and the day; that hazy cusp of dawn and dusk. And, like all monsters, they hunt.

a fantasy comic

Last update: 21st Feb 2017
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Vanilla Shortcake
romance mini comic
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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