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msdeefi's Profile
Registration date: 28th Oct 2013
Last seen: 10th Nov 2014, 6:23 PM
Posts: 0
Comments left: 18
Ratings given: 2 / 4
Profile views: 265
Location: England
About me
My son likes samosas and vindaloo

msdeefi's comics
The Spoon Casserole Boulevard
My comic is odd. As odd as a box. Even more odd than a frog. So odd, it is odder than a box of frogs.
Last update: 22nd Oct 2014
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The Oddly Odd
Last update: 9th Nov 2014
[Comic profile]
Meatball Soup to Nothing
Everything is mind screw!
Last update: 31st Oct 2013
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Jerkass Terkel
Attention deficit... ooh, shiny!
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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The Galaxy Chronicles
A 13-year old boy named George gets abducted by an alien he befriends called Yoriz.
Last update: 6th May 2014
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El Gago
This is the story of El Gago. Yes, El Gago. El Gago is the fiercest dodgeball player in the world. El Gago will smash your face in with a dodgeball. El Gago is ALWAYS WINNER!
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Jose & Finn
Jose is the overweight one with no nose.
Finn is the shirtless (unless he's at work) one.

Last update: 20th Aug 2014
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Onnekas Kettu
Tämä sarjakuva pyörii kettu, joka on epäonninen. Siinä kaikki.
Last update: 8th Aug 2014
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Teh Jimbles Notronbo Wegcomnic
today jimble make a webcomnic deadikated to I
Last update: 20th Aug 2014
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