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Every Bad Thing
He’s a psychic. She’s an angel-hunter. They fight crime? Join youngsters Charlotte and Cole (and sometimes their friend Atta as they explore their hometown! Will they learn the origin of the monsters overrunning the place? Will Charlotte finally find what she’s looking for? Will the duo survive the dreaded homecoming dance? Let’s find out together!

Updates on Sundays HST. sporadically while I struggle to draw an acceptable-looking strip >:( go scold me at

Last update: 30th Sep 2020
Retired and Extremely Mahou
Five battle-weary warrior women attempt to avert an apocalypse of their own making.
Last update: 3rd Nov 2020
Graphic Violence / Gore
Gary Astron, Galactic Gourmand
A college dropout traverses the galaxy for the glorious purpose of selling burgers.
Last update: 14th Jul 2020